New bike

I finally got paid by the insurance company for the destroyed XL Boron, so I was able to put together the new one:  Bianchi San Lorenzo with dura-ace 9/ultegra.  I cavenged the ultegra brakes and crankset, and the ITM millenium stem/bars and Deda Blackstick seatpost.  If I ever find a dura-ace 9 speed crank in a 165mm, i’ll have to buy it.  Even Glenn can’t get them! 

I saw the new Flash-Point Racing wheels he got in–very awesome.  We were comparing them to the Zipp 303’s, and they really do look like 303 clincher rims with different spokes and hubs.  they are a little heavier, but if it’s really the same rim, the extra weight isn’t so bad.  I put in for sponsorship on their website, I hope I get it… some lightweight aero wheels would really take the racing up a notch!  too bad no more collegiate grudge matches or FLCC races,  but i really wouldn’t want to ride nice wheels in a collegiate D slugfest-too much risk of ending up with carbon splinters!