This is a professional blood sport … and it can happen to you

–To quote Steve McQueen in Le Mans.
Friday night, after touring the easterns course, we were riding back on Rt. 79.  as the last dregs of sunset disappeared below the horizon, all of a sudden, a rectangular volvo 240 headlight appeared in my face… and then I went flying.  It really was that fast–kind of neat to see how your brain works, in frames, not continuously.
I didn’t take too much damage, laceration on my face, bruise on my left leg, laceration on my ankle (strange).  My helmet absorbed a lot of energy, it didn’t crack, but it took some serious dents.
My Bianchi 2001 XL Boron is now scrap steel   the weld snapped at the seat tube, and the top tube and downtube buckled.  Not surprising considering the impact.  The fork (Easton EC90SL) looks pretty ok except for the lugs on the dropouts–my wheel went rolling away from me!  the stem and bars are fine, shifters were going before the crash.  Derailleurs look fine, but i’ll probably upgrade to Dura Ace with the new bike.  I destroyed my front velocity wheel (good one)-the rear looks fine.  I suppose that for ways for a bike to die, that is probably the best, because i’ll get reimbursed by his insurance.  I would have preferred to ride that bike into the sunset, but as things go this is life.
Honestly, i’m pretty lucky to have escaped with as little injury as i did.
One thing that’s really interesting is that i had an ESP-like experience.  the night before i dreamed i dished my front wheel (mavic rim-campy hub training wheel) and was at glenns and bought the Campy Zonda he has on sale for $50.  and then i crashed and destroyed my wheel-unfortunately my good one.
Being a good scientist, i believed in ESP, but never remembered experiencing it myself.  now i have.

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