watch your step: UNICEF land mines commercial

 Hair-raising TV spot shunned by broadcasters – World News –

-you should watch the spot, it’s really not graphic enough to show the truth (i.e. missing limbs, heads, etc.)


The US is one of the few countries opposed to the 1997 Mine Ban treaty, and is using land mines in Iraq (in a limited role).

Mines left over from wars in Africa and Asia injure thousands every year, often children who do not know of minefields, or cannot read warning signs.  The Soviet made ‘butterfly mine‘ is like a toy, triggered by pressure on the wings… such as would occur while playing with it. 


The TV spot itself is rather sanitized-it doesn’t show any real blood (one small leg injury and one ‘fatality’) and concentrates more on the screaming parents.  But people still object to it, saying it is too graphic.  Why are you so worried about fake violence, when in Afghanistan and Vietnam, it’s real mines blowing off real legs and spilling real blood?

The west is for the most part insensitive to the plight of mined countries, as the US and Canada have no mines, and europe was de-mined after WWII and the dismantling of the iron curtain (there were mines buried in no-man’s land of the borders).

Maybe if americans saw this kind of thing on the NBC evening news, there would be more momentum to ban the use of mines, and expand clearing efforts… but as long as it’s afghani children and not suburbanites, it’s not really part of the american consciousness.


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